Greetings from the Consumer Banking Technology division, Intellect Design Arena.

I am glad to have the opportunity to reach out to you, while you are actively exploring the right partner and right products for the next stage in your growth journey.

We have been in the Banking Products business since 2003, while our roots in the Banking and Financial Services have been for over 2 decades, through our Parent company, Polaris Group. If I have to describe our Products business in a single word, I would say "Passion". I now have the challenging task of articulating this passion through a passive medium of a website! In my view, this would not do justice to the power behind our contemporary technology or products that have been passionately created by a team of bankers, operations and technology experts.

Given the critical role your choice of a technology product plays towards your growth, I would, without hesitation, recommend a meeting between our teams, preferably at FT8012, our unique design center that makes collaborative design and reliable implementation a reality.

I would however like to highlight a few points for you to mull over and decide whether there is a strong synergy in our perspective and approaches. This would make the entire program, right from exploring, to planning, to the actual implementation, highly effective.

  1. The Digital Edge. We are in the midst of a massive digital wave and there is unlimited opportunity to be tapped. Keeping this in mind, we have put together a Digital 360 strategy and roadmap for your digital renovation. The crux of the strategy is to enable you to create agility from a customer-facing dimension, and to enable a delightfully same experience at all touch points. We call this Digital Outside. From an operations perspective, we are deeply committed to making you 'lean' and encourage centralised risk management. We call this Digital Inside. We made serious investments, to the tune of Rs 100 Crore, in the last 5 years in creating Truly digital technologies. We have applied proprietary digital technologies and carefully crafted technology products for the entire consumer banking business – be it Core Banking, Loan Origination, Lending or Wealth Management. For instance, our Retail Banking Exchange (RBX) provides an integrated platform for Online, Mobile, Call center and Branch banking.
  2. Reliable Implementation. As a team, we have committed to one spectacular promise. Delivery On-Time, In-Full and 3 days ahead of schedule! To me, this is the litmus test of our alignment with customer vision as well as their points. Last year, we were able to finish 70% of our product implementations ahead of time. We have fine-tuned our product implementation and identified 3 major areas of collaboration with our clients, that can assure delivery before time. My leadership team and I recommend a crucial design workshop at FT8012, our unique design center. This center contains a treasure trove of Intellectual Property as well as the physical infrastructure required for diverse teams to collaborate and come together to connect business, technology and operations, so that deliveries are 'on time and in full'. Our design centers are conveniently located in Mumbai and Chennai.
  3. Our products have been Designed by Bankers for the 'Experience' economy. We have diligently elevated the products from mere feature and functionality to designing the products with a customer-in-the-center approach. Thus, the products we offer have been structured from the perspective of Customer Journeys. With a committed team of 1200, we have, to our credit, over 100 banks across the globe as our customers. We have delivered, ahead of schedule, highly complex products to world-renowned customers such as the Reserve Bank of India, National Bank of Abu Dhabi, Citibank, to name a few.

Above all, we are, as an organisation warm, friendly, open and transparent. We love working on challenges.

My leadership team and I look forward to engaging with you and exploring how we can bring the benefit of the 3 D's namely Digital, Delivery and Design to your renovation agenda. Please write to me at

Warm Regards