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Rajesh Saxena, CEO
Consumer & Central Banking

CEO's 2020 Message

In a fast paced world where banking industry is facing a real threat from the nimble and well-funded Fintech organizations, it is imperative to look at technology from this game changing perspective. For our industry, it is important to have a clear vision of where the banking is heading, so we can invest ahead of the curve.

This is our view of the future of Retail Banking:

  1. First and foremost, The Bank has to become an integral part of the Customer's life style.
  2. Consumerisation of User experience means that a Bank has to provide the experience that the customer now is used to – whether it is in Amazon or YouTube!
  3. The Bank has to build offering strategies around micro-segmentation. It has to ‘’personalise’’ to a great extent and literally move from Mass bank to My bank’!
  4. Everything to do with banking has to be truly real time! For this, the bank must be able to leverage data driven insights holistically.
  5. It has to build strong digital marketing capabilities equalling the e-commerce giants
  6. The bank must match the Cost Advantage being brought in by FinTech attackers. This also means its own Operations moves to Lean!
  7. New technologies involving Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are simply taking over the world. Bots here, Bots there and now they seem to be everywhere. Gartner has predicted that by 2020, customers will manage 85% of their relationships with the enterprise without interacting with a human! And today, your mobile activity can actually be worked back to ascertain your credit-worthiness!
  8. Block chain technology is creating the backbone of a new type of internet! It is emerging as a potentially disruptive force in multiple areas including financial services.
  9. Financial inclusion and banking the unbanked is a huge agenda. 2 billion people across the world are unbanked giving us a feel of the opportunities for the bank. Last year alone, 700 million moved from unbanked to banked! And if we think this is restricted to growth markets, we have got it wrong.
  10. In the midst of all this action, regulatory requirements are getting tighter and tighter! Regulatory policies are also getting deployed quicker than ever.

We looked at Digital much beyond the oft-heard channel transformation and Omni-channel. We foresaw many of the above trends in advance and invested passionately in building the Complete Digital banking suite, in order to help banks accelerate their digital transformation agenda and becoming integral to their client’s life, or in other words, become the Primary Banker to their clients.

  1. Given our rich repertoire of expertise in serving global banks, we understood how most banks were shackled by the complexities arising from globalization, rampant innovation, multiple generations of technologies, mobility and the prohibitive costs of maintaining their current Core Systems. We leveraged Design thinking as the paradigm to tackle this complexity, holistically.
  2. We invested in a reimagined digital strategy that brings complete flexibility in terms of how banks would prefer to drive their digital transformation. A strategy that’s either channel-led, product-led or even segment-led (think challenger).
  3. Given we had the advantage of looking at Digital banking in totality than piecemeal, inter-operability and ecosystem-integration were built-in. This results in unmatched ability for our customers to rapidly launch new products as well as integrate any new innovation quickly.

Our cloud native, fully contextual and API enabled product suite, is designed to drive agile innovation and help your bank scale as you grow. It brings together, customer journey, experience, data & technology to help banks drive their digital transformation agendas.

#1 : Unleashing the power of Digital 360

For a long time, technology vendors have been hounding banks with products, services or technology platforms with a one-shoe-fits-all approach. We wanted to break this paradigm and bring complete flexibility in terms of how banks like you would prefer to drive your digital transformation - for instance, with a core refresh, or a channel refresh or a channel refresh with an agile core or even a middleware-led digital refresh.

But that's not all. The acid test for today's digital solutions is in terms of speed and ease of introducing new innovations. And this is where we bring the real power. Our products are built on a Digital 360 reference architecture.

This will give exponential benefit by:

  1. Bringing data and context together, so you can create new revenue moments in your customer user journeys
  2. Integrating our digital products with any of the legacy systems within the bank
  3. Integrating any third party innovation quite easily
  4. Leaving technology infra worries behind you, by moving to Cloud.

Thus, the game has shifted from functionality (however rich it may be), to really about architecture - or what's under the hood of a technology product!

#2 : Driving Customer Success

Our 'Design for Digital' has found significant market acceptance in almost every geography that we operate in. We are privileged to win new customers such as Commonwealth Trade Bank in the UK; Arab bank, Doha Bank, Gulf Bank & Ahli bank in the Middle East region; Bank of Mongolia, Philippines Business Bank, HD Bank, Canara Bank, Kotak Bank in Asia.

#3 Reliable implementations is where we walk the talk!

I am very pleased to share that our Core Banking implementation in Nova Bank was completed in under 16 weeks. We had very unique implementations such as an integrated solution for Internet and mobile banking for corporate & retail customers for a large bank in ANZ Royal - J Trust in Cambodia, digital core banking implementation for Cater Allen, a challenger bank in the UK and quite recently we implemented the 24/7 NEFT operations for the Reserve Bank of India.

All the hard work on design and delivery hasn't gone unnoticed by industry analysts and experts. IBS Intelligence ranked us #1 for Retail Banking Systems, 2nd year in a row! Intellect Digital Core banking solution has emerged a ‘Winner’ in Celent's ABCD Vendor View across APAC, LAM and EMEA.

My leadership team and I take this opportunity and look forward to being a partner to your growth journey. In this process, we will have the wonderful opportunity to design together, plan together, learn together and drive digital outcomes together.

As our way of investing in strategic relationships, we partnered with the prestigious Cambridge Judge Business School for the first-ever Executive Leadership programme themed around arguably the hottest topic today, digital transformation!

Along with Cambridge Judge Business School we brought together a global peer set of Retail Banking heads, CEOs, CDOs, COOs, Heads of IT and Heads of Digital Strategy for the 3-day residential program that took place between Jan 20-22 at Cambridge, UK.

The leadership programme was a resounding success, bringing together diverse cultures and perspectives with a common purpose of driving their digital aspirations. We hope to announce the next program in early September 2020.

This further reinforces, that 2020 is a time to celebrate diversity by bringing together diverse ideas, diverse perspectives, and diverse cultures to create a boundaryless, frictionless world. As leaders, we have the tough and exciting task to align diverse talent and skills towards a larger purpose and leave a legacy.

We have expanded our leadership team with bankers, digital specialists, solution architects and delivery experts who are focusing on accelerated implementation. As I write this note, with a passionate team, with a carefully chosen client landscape, a product suite designed to drive deep differentiation, I see very exciting times ahead.

Rajesh Saxena, CEO

Consumer & Central Banking

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