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Contextual Banking Reimagined with Intellect and IBM LinuxONE

One would agree that the tide of digital disruption is here to stay now more than ever. At the center of this digital disruption is “Reimagination”. We believe that the banking industry now, more than ever, is forced to rethink their strategies to deliver holistic, contextual, and impactful outcomes.

With the emergence of new business segments and digital marketplace, evolving regulatory and data security landscapes, an era of open and collaborative banking is picking up pace. Banks across the globe are at different stages in their digital adoption and have their way of adapting to changing times.

Whether the bank is looking at a strategy that’s channel-led, product-led, or even segment-led, technology needs to adapt and align with each of these transformation journeys. And to meet today’s challenges and prepare for the future, banks need a fully integrated, secure, and flexible system that is compliant across all business segments.

For banks and financial institutions that need the flexibility and robust scalability to support aggressive growth plans and dramatically shift from manually driven operations to centralized, automated, and open banking environment, Intellect’s comprehensive banking suite running on IBM LinuxONE unlocks the future possibilities.

Banks can now move from fragmented digital activities to a reimagined (holistic) modernization strategy to drive their digital transformation, with Intellect Digital Core is a comprehensive Contextual Banking suite, built on a cloud-native, API-first microservices architecture.

Supported on IBM LinuxONE®, now 5 years old and the industry’s leading server built for Linux enterprise applications, Intellect Digital Core is a robust system designed around the Digital 360 approach, a framework which guides banks with an all-encompassing view of their entire digital journey -- providing delightful customer experience ("digital outside") while achieving operational efficiency ("digital inside”). The Intellect Digital Core on IBM LinuxONE solution enables banks to be customer-centric, agile, and compliant and allows them to use a technology infrastructure that’s infused with intelligence, protected with advanced security, and future-proofed against the flow of breakthroughs and risks. As a member of BIAN®, Intellect Digital Core stands committed to Open Banking and API-based Contextual Banking Standards to developing and delivering next generation contextual banking solutions.

Intellect Digital Core on IBM LinuxONE: What sets it apart?

  • A formidable digital 360 approach to the core banking platform with a fully integrated yet modular system
  • High Operational Efficiencies and Lower TCO
  • Seamless Integration across Applications using i-Turmeric
  • Contextual banking experience bringing together AI, data analytics, agile architecture enabling core-agnostic integration
  • Cloud-native, microservices-based architecture with API-ready features
  • Context-Aware, Frictionless and True Omni Channel Experience for SME and Retail
  • Segment Specific Digital Propositions – Configurable Manifestations
  • Integration and Orchestration Studio

Leading banks can reimagine banking with Intellect Digital Core by delivering exceptional customer experience and building modern cloud-native applications with faster time to market. With IBM LinuxONE, developers can build new and modernize existing applications using the open-source tools they love, on a platform purpose-built for the hybrid cloud.

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Author :

Banesh Prabhu
Intellect SEEC


Banesh is a Fintech services veteran and pioneer in Technology & Operations solutions management. He has developed & implemented strategies globally including next generation digital capabilities for servicing clients.

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