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Reduce Complexity

Built for Central Banks, the Intellect Quantum Central Banking Solution is an award-winning solution for your needs

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Intellect Quantum Central Banking Solution is designed specifically for Central Banks, aimed at reducing complexity. It is built on an underlying technology design, driven by four parameters - real-time informed decision-making & risk management, unmatched configurability for speed and ease of change, tightly integrated analytics and uncompromising security.

The award winning Intellect Quantum Central Banking Solution (QCBS) empowers Central Banks to progressively modernise and transform through a formidable range of instruments including currency chest management, public debt & depository management, enterprise general ledger, cash management, liquidity management, reconciliation and collateral management system.

Evolve, and Transform

  • 2,000+ Configurable Attributes For Business Users
  • Business Users Can Manage Policy Implementation By Themselves
  • Built Around “Anything Can Change Anytime” Principle
  • Available At Central Bank And Branch/Unit Levels
  • Seamless Navigation From Gl To Transaction (G2T)
  • User Configurable Financial Reporting Tool High Performance
  • 360 Degree View
  • 15+ Dimensions & 7+ Levels Of Drill Down
  • Risk Analytics With 50+ Dimensions
  • Pattern Identification For Intraday Liquidity
  • Proactive Alerts And Notifications
  • 50+ Business Services For Banks And Government Entities
  • Advanced Service And Workflow Management Including Self-Administration
  • Includes Placing Indent For Printing, Receipt, Distribution And Destruction
  • Automated Asset Balancing
  • Online Currency Management Portal
  • Support For Complex Monetary Policies And Intraday Liquidity
  • Fully Automated Pledging/Releasing Of Securities From Any Depository
  • Multiple Collateral Pools
  • 25+ Eligibility Rules / 15+ Types Of Haircuts / 9+ Concentration Limits
  • Extensive asset class coverage
  • Front office with a trader centric UI, decision support blotters, and pre-deal analytics
  • Mid office with 150+risk metrics, stress testing, pre-defined 100+ limits and automated compliance
  • Back Office with flexi settlement, rule-driven reconciliation, configurable accounting and reporting
  • Contextual ALM, reconciliation, branch FX, and instrument pricing analytics
  • Real-time reserve management and portfolio risk analytics
  • Event driven accounting framework, single system of record (SSOR) and compliance to World Bank, BIS, etc.
  • Removes Money Fragmentation
  • Seamless Merger/De-Merger For Government Entities
  • Online Balance Slicing Across Multiple Dimensions

Intellect Quantum - Overall Architecture

Driving Transformation in Central banks with Intellect QCBS

Reduce Complexity

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Reduce Complexity


Reduce Complexity
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Reduce Complexity


Reduce Complexity

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