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Reduce Complexity

Built for Central Banks, the iQuantum is an award-winning solution for your needs

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iQuantum is designed specifically for Central Banks, aimed at reducing complexity. It is built on an underlying technology design, driven by four parameters - real-time informed decision-making & risk management, unmatched configurability for speed and ease of change, tightly integrated analytics and uncompromising security.

The award winning iQuantum empowers Central Banks to progressively modernise and transform through a formidable range of instruments including currency chest management, public debt & depository management, enterprise general ledger, cash management, liquidity management, reconciliation and collateral management system.

Evolve, and Transform

  • 2,000+ Configurable Attributes For Business Users
  • Business Users Can Manage Policy Implementation By Themselves
  • Built Around “Anything Can Change Anytime” Principle
  • Available At Central Bank And Branch/Unit Levels
  • Seamless Navigation From Gl To Transaction (G2T)
  • User Configurable Financial Reporting Tool High Performance
  • 360 Degree View
  • 15+ Dimensions & 7+ Levels Of Drill Down
  • Risk Analytics With 50+ Dimensions
  • Pattern Identification For Intraday Liquidity
  • Proactive Alerts And Notifications
  • 50+ Business Services For Banks And Government Entities
  • Advanced Service And Workflow Management Including Self-Administration
  • Includes Placing Indent For Printing, Receipt, Distribution And Destruction
  • Automated Asset Balancing
  • Online Currency Management Portal
  • Support For Complex Monetary Policies And Intraday Liquidity
  • Fully Automated Pledging/Releasing Of Securities From Any Depository
  • Multiple Collateral Pools
  • 25+ Eligibility Rules / 15+ Types Of Haircuts / 9+ Concentration Limits
  • Extensive asset class coverage
  • Front office with a trader centric UI, decision support blotters, and pre-deal analytics
  • Mid office with 150+risk metrics, stress testing, pre-defined 100+ limits and automated compliance
  • Back Office with flexi settlement, rule-driven reconciliation, configurable accounting and reporting
  • Contextual ALM, reconciliation, branch FX, and instrument pricing analytics
  • Real-time reserve management and portfolio risk analytics
  • Event driven accounting framework, single system of record (SSOR) and compliance to World Bank, BIS, etc.
  • Removes Money Fragmentation
  • Seamless Merger/De-Merger For Government Entities
  • Online Balance Slicing Across Multiple Dimensions

Intellect Quantum - Overall Architecture

Driving Transformation in Central banks with Intellect QCBS

Reduce Complexity


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Reduce Complexity


Reduce Complexity

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Reduce Complexity


Reduce Complexity


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