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Whether it is Payments or Wallets, Super App or Microloans, Fintechs are changing the way people perceive finance. Fintechs are simplifying user journeys, gamifying interactions and increasing digital adoptoption of financial products. To continue on this journey and compete with the increasing demands of customers,  Fintechs need to be extremely flexible, completely responsive, and resource-lite.

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With CBX-R, Fintechs can address all the lifestyle needs of a customer through a single platform from acquisition to servicing and retention to engagement. The platform analyses the end customer’s behavioral, psychographic and social media interactions through AI and ML models to deliver hyper-personalized experiences. By connecting with third parties like eCommerce and FinTech’s, through APIs, CBX-R gives banks countless opportunities to offer curated products and services to their customers. CBX-R is fully composable and hosted on cloud.

Create specialized financial products and reach out to customers faster by leveraging Bank’s infrastructure and customer base through APIs. Fintechs can also integrate their services with other service providers to increase their overall reach.

Fintechs can leverage our extensive marketplace to offer innovative solutions and go-to-market faster. Intellect Marketplace consists of comprehensive Digital Transformation Partners to help Fintechs get started and innovate as they go.

Our products and platforms are cloud-native and cloud agnostic, providing the base of a modern banking system. With capacity and on-demand capability, our next-gen digital banking solution can help Fintechs grow faster without spending millions on infrastructure. Further, our products are ready for a multi-country, multi-currency and multilingual rollout.

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Digital Core

Digital Core

A comprehensive  Retail & SME banking suite across Core Banking, Payments, Lending, Treasury, Trade Finance ,Cards and Digital channels.

Digital Core - iGCB


A comprehensive platform which enables institutions to curate unique credit experiences for merchants, channels-partners, and end consumers.


Improve customer engagement and loyalty, reduce your customer’s dependence on cash through Contextual Banking Experience Wallets. Onboard new customers into a wallet with minimal detail or integrate wallet with existing bank app. Add money into the wallet from bank account, credit card or debit card through payment gateway integration. Customers can use wallets to do an array of payments from bill pay to mobile payments, QR code and OTP based payments or even transferring money to another wallet or bank account. Provide mini and detailed wallet statements to your customers with intelligent tagging of spends.

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