Minimize Your Bad Debts

Manage Delinquent Customers Proactively and Effectively with Intellect Debt Management System

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Intellect Debt Management system (IDM) is a comprehensive and completely automated Debt and Receivables management system which caters to the banks' varied collection requirements, ensures better tracking of receivables and offers advanced analytical features enabling the bank to take more informed decisions.

IDM is designed to systemically and efficiently manage the credit costs for the organization. It comes with a mix of design focus, deep domain expertise and best practices in debt management which empowers banks to strategically create and implement the most effective collection strategies, thus reaping in the best business results.

Evolve, and Transform

  • Segmentation (Queues) – Over 250 queues defined
  • Prioritization - Follow up strategy
  • Exception handling - 42 queues for monitoring
  • Interaction codes and Flags - All that you may need
  • Screen labels - Relevant to the defined product
  • Letter templates - Standard for various delinquency stages
  • One system for all credit products
  • Supports conventional and Islamic products
  • Configurable for all unique collection strategies
  • Customer-centric strategies
  • Intuitive Collection score for segmentation
  • Streamlined collection processes
  • Maximize debt recovery at lowered costs
  • Selective access to external agencies for real time access to work on accounts
  • Automatically initiate instructions to withdraw an account from external agency
  • Performance review as required to ensure allocation matches agencies abilities
  • Increased visibility into the information and actions taking place with agencies working on debt
  • Multi-dimensional portfolio reports with drill down function and charts

Reduce Bad Debts with Intellect Debt Management System

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Minimize Your Bad Debts

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Minimize Your Bad Debts

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Minimize Your Bad Debts

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