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Codeless Digital Engagement for Banks

Buy, adapt or build 360° engagement for your banking customers and empower your employees with iGCB’s Digital Engagement Platform

World's Most Comprehensive Digital Engagement Platform

Digital Engagement Platform (DEP), earlier called as CBX-R, is the most comprehensive Open Finance enabled digital banking platform for financial institutions.The platform comes with the best of both worlds - (i) Comprehensive user journeys that elevate the lifestyle of the bank’s Retail, SME and Corporate customers by providing contextual experience across their lifecycle (acquisition, engagement and retention) (ii) Ability to adapt existing experiences or build new ones from scratch in a no-code manner. That’s not it, with DEP, you can drive value across your organization with real-time dashboards, optimised processes and more. Available on Cloud-native Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) models, DEP lets you choose the right deployment model for your business.

Codeless Digital Engagement for Banks Codeless Digital Engagement for Banks Codeless Digital Engagement for Banks nbq-1 faisal

Key Platform Features


Comprehensive journeys across Acquisition, Engagement and Retention for Retail, SME & Corporate


Microservices-based, Event-driven, API-enabled, Cloud Native, Headless with underlying AI models ( Platform


Buy, Adapt & Build User Journeys without coding


Create a unique design and experience with a composable UI/UX layer


Pre-integrated with best-in-class fintech partners to offer differentiated solutions and drive growth


Connect with any core banking system, Applications, Fintechs & other Marketplace partners

Open Finance Enabled Architecture

Built on a composable (Events, Microservices, API, Cloud, Headless architecture, AI) platform, DEP comes with comprehensive microservices across Domain, Engagement, Contextualization, Data ingestion and Process Choreography. The platform can connect with any user experience layer upstream and any core banking, 3rd party applications, Fintechs and Marketplace players downstream. DEP is available in a Multi-Tenant model with the ability to have tenant-specific front-end, business process versions and Logical and physical partitions of tenant-specific data.

Complete Flexibility and Control with Buy, Adapt and Build

Digital Engagement Platform comes with the most 675+ Front-end journeys, 26 Domain Packs (across onboarding, lending, cards, payments, PFM, e-commerce marketplace, ESG etc), 350+ Open APIs and Events, Workflows and more. This gives banks a jumpstart to launching an amazing banking experience. Banks can further choose to adapt each experience with a drag and drop or build a completely new experience from scratch without any coding requirement.

Better experience, Better bottom-line

Codeless Digital Engagement for Banks


Increase in digital banking customer sign ups
Codeless Digital Engagement for Banks


Improvement in average transactions per user per month
Codeless Digital Engagement for Banks


Capital expenditure reduction

DEP for Retail Banks:

Our platform offers comprehensive experiences that are seamlessly stitched across the entire customer lifecycle - from acquisition to retention to engagement while giving you complete flexibility to build new engagement. With DEP’s persona-based UI/UX, we ensure that every customer enjoys a personalized and intuitive interface, making banking not just accessible but also enjoyable.

SME & Corporate Customers:

Digital Engagement Platform (DEP) designed specifically for SME banks empowers banks with comprehensive digital solutions that will transform the way SMEs onboard, manage their portfolios, monitor payments, and engage in trade finance.

Drive Bank-Wide Digital Transformation

DEP not only creates engaging customer experiences but empowers your entire organization from Branch to operations, developers and sales partners.

The branch and RM portal has innovative features like Zero waiting time with context-enabled appointment booking, 360° relationship view with past interaction summary suggested products and branch on the move.
Enable operations team by automating processes like eKYC, alerts and event-based triggers. Role-based dashboards and logs of Open & Closed requests help banks service customers while ensuring security.

Create 360° campaigns with pre-built ad templates and a campaign manager.
The innovative omnichannel partner portal helps agents and merchants acquire customers, track application status and service customers

Empower your IT Team


  • Drag & Drop UI Designer which can help developers create apps with Omni-Channel user experiences.
  • App Development studio for API creation & Management, documentation and publishing

One Platform For All APIs

  • Design, build, test, secure, manage and retire APIs using one platform

Process Orchestration

  • Test complex business flows which span across multiple disparate systems, on-the-fly using an advanced orchestration engine and a runtime debugger

Enterprise Intergration

  • Connect multiple applications using out-of-the-box integration tools

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