Reduce Customer Onboarding Times from Days to Seconds!

Drive Smarter and Faster Origination with Intellect Loan Origination System

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Provide your credit customers a seamless and digital onboarding experience with Intellect Digital Loan Origination System (LOS). A comprehensive loan origination software for banks, Intellect LOS is built on a robust microservices architecture, ensuring efficiency throughout the entire origination process. From application processing to risk assessment, credit scoring, and underwriting, our highly evolved system offers a fully automated and integrated experience.

Empower your financial institution with Intellect LOS, an award winning retail loan origination system backed by an industry-recognized Business Rule Engine. Our solution streamlines facility approval and drawdown approval with a pre-defined sanction workflow for each loan product. Benefit from a single-system experience that ensures end-to-end credit origination and servicing efficiency. Choose Intellect for cutting-edge loan origination and servicing, tailored to meet your financial institution's needs. Trust in our parameterized and rule-based solution capable of meeting straight through processing requirements, with exception-based manual intervention when needed. Opt for Intellect's LOS system for a streamlined and reliable approach to credit origination.

Evolve, and Transform

  • Customer Initiated/ RM Assisted journeys
  • Drop-in drop-off alternating across channels
  • Collaborate with Fintechs
  • Scale-up volumes with zero touch processing
  • Integrate and fetch risk scores from existing risk models
  • Automated scoring, deviations, affordability computation
  • Real-time Decision
  • Support for assisted underwriting
  • Ad-hoc deviation & exception approvals
  • Consultative decision Making
  • Single source of referral and decision trails
  • End-to-end document life cycle management
  • Customized template generation
  • Zero touch Documentation enabled by digital signatures

Enhance Your Customers’ Credit Experience with Intellect Loan Origination System

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Reduce Customer Onboarding Times from Days to Seconds!

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Reduce Customer Onboarding Times from Days to Seconds!

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Reduce Customer Onboarding Times from Days to Seconds!

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