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Banking is changing.

In a fast paced economy that is impacted by local and global events, Central Banks are facing increasing pressures as custodians of the financial health of their countries. We are seeing a few common challenges that technology needs to resolve, be it much faster implementation of economic and monetary policies, real time monitoring and mitigation of risks, an integrated view of operations or significantly lower processing costs.

From a day-to-day functioning standpoint, any Central Bank’s monetary function needs clear objectives, flexible choice of instruments, timely intervention, and liquid and stable markets to achieve its monetary management and macro-economic objectives. This necessitates a state-of-the-art IT infrastructure that provides smooth operations, zero downtimes and enables the central Bank to deal comfortably with high levels of complexity in their various roles - a Banker to the Government, a Banker to Banks, a Government Debt Manager, a Currency Manager, a Treasurer and the overall Supervisor & Regulator of the country.


Banker to Banks - iGCB

Our award winning central banking solution for central banks comes with a 360 view dashboard that enables central banks to receive accurate and timely financial institution balances & track performance. With 2,000+ configurable attributes for business users, banks have the flexibility to implement new monetary policies faster. Central banks are also presented with complete on- line access within the bank through a comprehensive online portal.through a comprehensive online portal.

Banker to Government - iGCB

Central banks can remove money fragmentation, ensure seamless merger/de-merger for government entities while implementing a Treasury Single Account (TSA). Our platform enables central banks to not only manage Govt. payments and receipts including tax and public funds but also manage Govt. fund surplus and deficits.

Government Debt Manager - iGCB

Our revolutionary central banking technology platform enables central banks to manage seamless auction / underwriting of public debt. It allows comprehensive servicing of bonds/bills and comes with a depository with complete life cycle support for securities up to redemption and also allows central banks to manage loans against public funds

Currency Manager - iGCB

Central banks can dramatically reduce their time to circulate money by leveraging our platform’s seamless currency life-cycle management capabilities, which includes placing indent for printing, receipt, distribution and destruction. The platform also ensures integrated management of currency chests/movement across the country.

Central banks can achieve operational excellence through a fully integrated Front-Mid-Back Office treasury system with extensive asset class coverage. The front office is equipped with trader centric UI provides real-time blotters for position, cash and P&L management for informed decision making. Provides the mid-office with efficient limits and control framework with portfolio risk analytics, asset liability management, multiple yield curve management, and rules driven multi-dimensional monitoring (product, currency, dealer and portfolio) for automated compliance. It equips back office with user defined reporting, rule-based dynamic reconciliation, comprehensive matching algorithms for progressive match generations, inbuilt accounting compliant to the latest IFRS standards, flexible settlement types, and configurable workflows for efficient business process management.

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iQuantum Central Banking

iQuantum Central Banking

A uniquely designed core for central banks empowering them to transform the nations’ banking ecosystem, empower its people and uplift the financial economy.

Central Banks - iGCB

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