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iGCB, the Retail and Central Banking Solutions arm of Intellect, offers an end-to-end Contextual Banking suite for Retail and Corporate banking, including Core Banking, Lending, Cards, Digital Banking, and Central Banking. Its unique blend of integrated functionality and agility is made possible by its Microservices-based, API-first, Cloud-native architecture with powerful integration capabilities, making it the top financial management software provider.

iGCB brings to the table 25+ years of knowledge of the developed and developing financial market space and seeks to be the Innovation Partner for those who are passionate about transforming the future of fintech! We are the most excited to work with financial institutions that share our vision of a truly democratized new reality in banking. To work towards this goal is our purpose. It is what gets us charged. It is what defines us. It is what makes us iGCB!

25+years of meeting the needs of consumers in Banking and Finance





Built on design thinking principles

Our products and platforms are built in FT8012 FinTech Design Center, World’s first design center for Financial Institutions. The design center allows us to co-create innovative banking and financial solutions with our customers by identifying problems, visualizing patterns, demystifying complexities and challenging the status quo. Our curated customer workshops allow us to connect the Business, Technology, and Operations of an organization uniquely and engineer solutions that drive unprecedented value, making it a joyous collaborative experience.

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