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Intellect Digital Lending (IDL)

Intellect Digital Lending (IDL) is a cutting-edge digital credit management system designed to meet the ever-changing needs of credit seekers and financial institutions alike. The comprehensive digital lending software empowers financial institutions (FIs) to seamlessly offer both commoditized and specialized credit products across diverse business segments, including Retail, Corporate, SME, and Agri. With Intellect Digital Lending, FIs can navigate the digital landscape with confidence, ensuring a streamlined and efficient approach to meeting the evolving demands of the credit market.

Embracing the 'Always On, Always Aware' concept, IDL enables banks to provide a truly digital, real-time solution to their customers. Real-time, informed credit decisions empower banks to grant customers a 360-degree view of their credit portfolio. Following a DIY principle, the system allows banks to create their products on-the-fly, ensuring flexibility anytime, anywhere. The fully automated, robust architecture of IDL guarantees a lower cost of operation by driving enhanced efficiency.

IDL serves as an all-in-one lending platform, seamlessly integrating Credit Origination, Loan Servicing, Debt Management, and Collateral & Limits Management systems. Each of these components is also available as standalone products, catering to businesses at various stages of digital credit transformation.

Elevate your lending experience with IDL, the award winning Retail Lending Software that prioritizes efficiency and adaptability for a comprehensive, streamlined lending process.

IDL is an all-in-one lending platform for comprehensive digital credit transformation

  • Omni-channel Origination with Customer Initiated/ RM Assisted Journeys
  • API-Based Origination Enabling Collaboration With Fintechs
  • Digital Data Aggregation Through Structured and Unstructured Data Sources
  • Zero Touch Documentation Enabled by Digital Signatures
  • Powerful Product Configuration Engine
  • Superior Flexibility in Amortization
  • Loan Restructuring & Modifications
  • Exhaustive Loan Parameters
  • Centralized Real-Time Monitoring Across Varied Lines Of Business
  • Multi-Dimensional Exposure View
  • Single View Of Borrower’s Exposure Across Multiple Levels
  • Real-Time Margin Tracking
  • Real-Time Loan Performance Analysis
  • Intuitive Collection Score For Segmentation
  • Personalized Follow Up
  • Customer-Centric Strategies and Streamlined Collection Processes

Digital Lending - Overall Architecture

End-to-end Credit Lifecycle Management

With Intellect Digital Lending, Banks and Financial Institutions Can Ensure

Unleash the Power of Digital Credit


Growth in Origination Volume
Unleash the Power of Digital Credit


Reduction in Past-due and Written-off Loans

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Reduce Customer Onboarding Times from Days to Seconds!

Reduce Customer Onboarding Times from Days to Seconds!

Drive Smarter and Faster Origination with Intellect Loan Origination System

Reduce Customer Onboarding Times from Days to Seconds! - iGCB

Minimize Your Bad Debts

Manage Delinquent Customers Proactively and Effectively with Intellect Debt Management System

Minimize Your Bad Debts - iGCB

Limit Your Credit Exposure, Not Your Business

Comprehensive & Multi-dimensional Exposure Management with Intellect Collateral and Limit Management System

Empower Members with Personal Finance Management - iGCB

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