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Intellect Quantum

Purpose-built Digital Technology Solution for Central Banks

Accelerating Progressive
Transformation for Central Banks

Intellect Quantum stands as the world's premier core banking solution, distinguished by its central bank-specific functionalities. This integrated solution, built on platform (Events, Microservices, API, Cloud, and Headless), is tailored to streamline and enhance every facet of central banking operations. By efficiently managing central bank's financial market operations, Intellect Quantum reduces complexity while ensuring the stability of the country's financial health.

This innovative solution transcends traditional boundaries, offering unparalleled efficiency, composability, maintainability, and scalability. As the best central banking software solution, Intellect Quantum is equipped to evolve with the dynamic needs of central banks. It serves as more than just a simple core banking system; it includes a comprehensive financial risk management software that safeguards the integrity and resilience of central banking operations. Choose Intellect Quantum for a future-proof and optimal financial risk management solution.

Next-Generation Central Banking

Real-time Financial Statements/ Balance Sheet

Seamless navigation from General Ledger (GL) to transaction level with complete elimination of reconciliation hassle

  • Integrated budget/ financial accounting
  • n-Tier structure
  • Financial reporting tool
Real-time Financial Statements/ Balance Sheet - IGCB

Online Banking Services Portal for Banks and Government

Uniquely designed online portals with over 250 services for commercial banks, government and currency circulation management

  • CASA, OD, deposits
  • Comprehensive limits and interest rate types
  • Teller, vault and cash
  • Remittances
  • Positive cheque management
Online Banking Services Portal for Banks and Government - iGCB

Government Services

Complete surplus and deficit management with highly flexible business rules configurator with over 1000 parameters

  • Agency transactions with 100% STP
  • Tax collection
  • Payments/ Receipts
  • Foreign borrowing
Government Services - IGCB

Advanced Collateral and Liquidity Management

Experience Advanced Collateral and Liquidity Management with our central banking solution featuring advanced liquidity management and 100% STP. Elevate your operations with our cutting-edge liquidity management software for efficient intraday liquidity monitoring and control.

Advanced liquidity management  - IGCB

National Payments System

Advanced payments & settlements engine for high-volume government payments and security/collateral transactions processing

  • Liquidity/ Intraday liquidity to payment system
  • Gross/ Net settlements
  • Dynamic settlements
  • Low/ High value settlements
National Payments System - IGCB

Treasury Single Account

Integrated front to back office operations and improves the fund efficiency by avoiding government money fragmentation in the country

  • Flexible choice of instruments
  • Real-time balance consolidation
  • FX, MM, equities, fixed income
  • Derivatives
Treasury Single Account - IGCB

Reserve Portfolio Management with Risk Analytics

Explore our cutting-edge central banking software, Intellect Quantum, including Reserve Portfolio Management and advanced risk analytics capabilities. Our reserve management software solution simplifies operations and reserves management workflows and equips reserves teams with accurate insights needed to make better business decisions.

Reserve Portfolio Management with Risk Analytics - IGCB

Currency and Vault Management

Elevate efficiency with our currency and vault management software for a real-time view of crrency in circulation. Optimise your central bank supply chain operations with our comprehensive currency chest management solution. Experience real-time Currency and Vault Management that covers:

  • Currency lifecycle management
  • Vault/ Chest management
  • National-level currency circulation monitoring
Currency and Vault Management - IGCB

Depository and Public Debt Management

Optimise your central banking technology solution, Intellect Quantum, including our state-of-the-art public debt management software. Efficiently manage depository and public debt with our integrated software solution. Experience our public debt management solution that includes comprehensive capabilities likes Auction management, Simulation, and Allotment, DVP-1, 2, and 3 based settlements, and Custody Management.

Depository and Public Debt Management - IGCB

Credit and Market Operations Management

Flexible and user configurable loan products

  • Comprehensive limits and interest rate types
  • Open market operations
  • DVP-1, 2 and 3 based settlement
  • Support for legacy physical bonds
  • Custody management
  • Comprehensive security services
Depository and Public Debt Management - IGCB

Trade Finance

Comprehensive import and export LCs

  • Export credit refinance
  • Guarentee and documentary bill
  • Fully SWIFT compliant
Trade Finance - IGCB

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