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With cloud-native iTurmeric enterprise integration platform, banks and financial solution providers can progressively modernise without the risk of rip and replacement

Accelerate digital transformation by 3X

iTurmeric is an integrated platform for Composable Business Design in a single collaborative enterprise integration, cloud-native platform, enables banks to progressively modernise, while ensuring business continuity without the risk of rip and replacement. environment with a built-in Sandbox. With an API-first architecture, iTurmeric, the first-of-its-kind 

iTurmeric’s singular Metadata model aids banks and financial organizations by speeding up transformation by:

Faster App creation – iTurmeric comes with a Drag & Drop UI Designer which can help developers create apps with omnichannel user experiences

One platform for all APIs - Design, build, test, secure, manage and retire APIs using one platform

Process Orchestration – Test complex business flows which span across multiple disparate systems, on-the-fly using an advanced orchestration engine and a runtime debugger

Enterprise Integration - Connect multiple applications using out-of-the-box integration tools


API Exchange - Web-based application used for publishing API Documentation.

API Studio - Through iTurmeric API management solution, organisations can create public and internal APIs that are consumable and secure

Experience Studio - It has an advanced UI designer called Fluid Pages, with which web applications can be developed.

Integration & Orchestration Studio - iTurmeric has an inbuilt enterprise integration platform which allows enterprises to connect applications, allowing them to exchange data. It enables easy integration of the existing systems, regardless of the different communication technologies that the applications use, including JMS, Restful, JDBC, HTTP, SFTP, FTP, etc.

Developer Sandbox - The Developer Sandbox facilitates API Experience with trials, and open collaboration for FinTechs, banks, partners, ISVs and others. It promotes open banking and helps in creating new banking applications, business process APIs and microservices through robust integration across the banks'/market ecosystem.

iTurmeric Composable Process Designer

Composability of Heterogeneous Business Components across ecosystem

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