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Optimize Treasury Operations

Contextual Treasury Fueled by Composable NextGen Technology

Real-Time, Cross-Asset, Front-Mid-Back Office Treasury

iGCB is among the best treasury management system providers, offering a contextual cross-asset Treasury Management System, Capital Cube, encompassing rich functionalities such as integrated front-mid-back office treasury, portfolio risk analytics, reconciliation, instrument pricing analytics, and an Asset Liability Management Solution. Powered by a cloud-ready architecture and API-first technology with SDKs for low code interfacing, it excels in building APIs and Services with a contextual and decoupled UI/UX. Fully integrated with the Intellect Digital Core (IDC) Platform, recognized for its excellence among comprehensive Core Banking platforms, Capital Cube ensures a contextual experience for end customers throughout their journey.

Capital Cube, as a Treasury Management System, holds the key to improving the top and bottom line through revenue accelerators, optimum capital leverage, a digital front to back treasury, and a Liquidity Management Solution. It is not just a system; it's a solution that maximizes trading profits, increases fee-based income, and efficiently manages liquidity, making it an ideal choice among treasury risk management solutions.

Delivering Top-line and Bottom-line Improvements

  • Digital front-to-back treasury
  • Cloud-ready
  • Extensive asset class coverage
  • Pre-deal Yield Simulators
  • Real time Portfolio Analytics
  • Portfolio Benchmarking
  • Simulators to improve NII/ NIM
  • Corporate FX channel revenue
  • Branch FX margins
  • Reduce liquidity requirements
  • Reduce funding costs with just-in-time funding
  • Manage Basel III risks with LCR and NSFR
  • Maintain optimal capital and efficiently leverage funds
  • Alternate Capital Assessment model
  • Profit Attribution analytics
  • Reduced IDL & Compliance Cost
  • Improved Tier 1 & CAR ratios
  • Sensitivity, Stress & Shock tests

Digitalize Treasury to Maximize Efficiencies

Optimize Treasury Operations

95% +

STP (Straight-Through Processing)
Optimize Treasury Operations


Risk Metrics And Analytics
Optimize Treasury Operations


APIs Out-Of-The-Box

Transforming Treasury to Automate Treasury Processes

Front office - iGCB

The front office, equipped with a trader-centric UI, provides real-time blotters for position, cash, and P&L management for informed decision-making. It also offers a comprehensive collateral management system, that standardizes and automates end-to-end margin processes, and ensures flexible and automated reporting of customer/branch positions. Support for pre-deal analytics, limit checks, cash flow management, and simulations with powerful hedging tools further enhances the capabilities of the collateral management system.

Mid Office - iGCB

Efficient limits and control framework with pre-defined 100+ limits, 150+ risk metrics and analytics, multiple yield curve management, and rules driven multi-dimensional monitoring (product, currency, dealer and portfolio) for automated compliance. Stress testing to limit losses and configurable capital requirements by running various scenarios.

Back Office - iGCB

95%+ STP with efficient processing through complete automation. User defined reporting, rule-based dynamic reconciliation, comprehensive matching algorithms for progressive match generations, inbuilt accounting compliant to the latest IFRS standards, flexible settlement types, and configurable workflows for efficient business process management.

Portfolio Risk Analytics- iGCB

Monitor portfolio performance and attribution, with comprehensive risk analytics to analyze the risk & return between trading portfolio and benchmark portfolio. Portfolio optimization tool for re-balancing and hedging.

Our Point Solutions

Contextual Asset Liability Management (CALM)

Contextual Asset Liability Management (CALM)

Algorithms library for 360 degree view and optimal management of balance sheet risks for informed decision making. Monitor and optimize liquidity and interest rate exposure over future time horizons; and identify potential liquidity gaps to optimally manage assets and liabilities. Computation and analysis of NII (Net Interest Income)/ NIM (Net Interest Margin), EaR (Earnings at Risk), and FTP (Funds Transfer Pricing) to assess the segment wise profitability.

Contextual Asset Liability Management (CALM) - iGCB

Reconciliation Management

Experience an end-to-end reconciliation system for reconciliation, confirmation, tracking, and reporting. Utilize a rule-based matching system to easily configure based on business needs, ensuring a robust and efficient reconciliation system for your financial processes. Capital Cube features a comprehensive suite of cash management solutions that enables banks to monitor and maintain cash flows efficiently. The solution enhances operational efficiency through the complete automation of Cash Flow Forecasting, NOSTRO Management, and seamless integration of Cash Management functions.

Reconciliation Management - iGCB

Branch FX

Distribute FX rates to branches. Automate card rate process allowing flexibility to change card rates due to market volatility. Inbuilt margins for transactions done on card rates and provide real-time branch profitability for both single and branch-level deals. Offer a finer rate to select branches/customers for high-value transactions. Treasury profitability and branch profitability split for RFQ deals to identify profitable branches. Reporting and MIS for real-time reporting of branch-level data, rates, and profitability.

Branch FX - iGCB

Instrument Pricing Analytics

Kaurtz Analytics for on-demand pricing-data, current rates, forward cash flows, current forward, discount rates and analytic computations necessary for risk management and valuation. Reference rate & cash flow analytics for treasury and other systems. Timely adaptation and processing of risk free rates, aiding Libor transition and reduced operational risk.

Instrument Pricing Analytics - iGCB

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