Give your Customers a Superlative Credit Experience.

Intellect Commercial Lending Solutions for SMEs and Specialty Lenders

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Intellect Commercial Lending Solutions provide SMEs and Specialty Lenders the capabilities they need to provide their customers with a segment- specific credit product portfolio, a superlative credit experience across all channels and an accelerated access to credit with loan disbursements in minutes instead of months.

The comprehensive SME Lending Software helps banks transform their lending business by enhancing their ability to match the pace of demand acceleration in SME loans, allowing them to make faster and more informed credit decisions, reducing operational costs, ensuring comprehensive and proactive risk management and enabling collaboration with multiple fintechs and partners to originate loans from multiple channels.

Evolve and Transform

  • Omni-Channel Origination Enabling Drop-In Drop-Off Alternating Across Channels
  • End-To-End Digital Onboarding Enabled Through APIs
  • STP Enabled Post Sanction Lifecycle Management
  • Reduced Time To Market With A Comprehensive And Flexible Loan Management System
  • Real-Time 360 View Of Customer Lifecycle
  • Continuous Oversight On Risk- Holistic And Pro-Active
  • Reduce Risk With Comprehensive & Multi-Dimensional Exposure Management
  • Informed Credit Decisioning With ML based - Intellect Credit Risk Analyst
  • All Building Blocks - Pre-Stitched “Product” With Out-Of-The-Box User Journeys Around All Lending Business Process In A Bank
  • Compose Packaged Business Capabilities (PBCs) For Conceiving Credit Solutions
  • Select PBCs - Enterprise Services For “Point Solutions” like Digital Agency, Limits, etc by Using PBCs Independently
  • Future-Ready Open Architecture-Based Completely Cloud Native Platform
  • Includes Placing Indent For Printing, Receipt, Distribution And Destruction
  • Automated Asset Balancing
  • Online Currency Management Portal
  • Removes Money Fragmentation
  • Seamless Merger/De-Merger For Government Entities
  • Online Balance Slicing Across Multiple Dimensions

Enabling a Superlative Customer Experience for SME clients with Intellect Commercial Lending

Give your Customers a Superlative Credit Experience.

Growth in Origination Volume

Give your Customers a Superlative Credit Experience.

Reduction in Past-due and Written-off Loans

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