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Providing a Superlative Credit Experience to your SME Customers

Ensure faster access to credit with loan disbursements in minutes rather than weeks!

Launch your SME business in just 50 days with India's first end-to-end digital SME credit management platform

iKredit360 SME Marketplace is India's first end-to-end digital SME credit management platform which helps you launch your SME business in just 50 days. The platform provides a wide range of capabilities that enables you to develop segment-specific credit offerings for your SME customers, provide them with a superlative experience across all channels and ensure faster access to credit with loan disbursements in minutes rather than weeks.

The iKredit360 SME lending marketplace is crafted to revolutionize your SME lending business, augmenting your capability to meet the accelerated pace of demand in SME loans. With iKredit360 SME Marketplace, you can make faster and more informed credit decisions, effectively trim operational costs, proactively manage risks, and seamlessly collaborate with multiple fintech partners to originate loans from various channels, all through our comprehensive suite of SME lending solutions.

Why iKredit360 SME Marketplace

Curate Unique Credit Experiences for SMEs - iGCB

Launch differentiated products and deliver them on any channel with digital journeys that are paperless, personalized, and comprehensive..
● 50+ ready-to-use out of box configurable product templates.
● In-built marketplace to provide contextualized credit experiences for your SME customers.
● Integrated platform with loan servicing and management, limits monitoring and debt management modules.
● Real Time 360-degree view of customers enabling up/cross-sell via integrations.

Drive ‘Application to Sanction’ In Minutes! - iGCB

Enable Customers to self-initiate loan applications and receive credit decisions in minutes
● Leverage a powerful ecosystem to aggregate information from a wide range of structured and unstructured database for rapid decisioning
● 50+ API service calls to fetch, authenticate and analyse data.
● Configurable Rule Engine to automate eligibility computation, generate offers and provide sanctions instantaneously.
● Eliminate customer drop outs by seamlessly integrated Relationship Manager Assisted workflows.

Accelerate Your Business Growth - iGCB

Collaborate with Aggregators/Fintechs and other business partners to bring in customers from various micro markets.
● Omni-channel digital credit on-boarding to grow your business without corresponding increase in physical and technological infrastructure
● Leverage API-based onboarding to scale up volumes with zero touch processing.
● Digitize end-to-end SME credit management to rise above the constraints of business hours, availability of RMs and service staff, and productivity challenges.
● ‘Try-Test-Grow’ with Zero capex commercial model to enable ‘pay as you go’

Manage Risks Proactively - iGCB

AI-powered portfolio monitoring to assess risks at real time
● Leveraging Intellect Sherlock, an AI enabled portfolio monitoring engine, to scan the external environment for events impacting your portfolio and generate early warning alerts’.
● Monitor exposure across multiple parameters such as customer, group, currency, segment, collateral type at real-time
● Analyse various internal and external data patterns, transactions, and repayments to compute probability of default and take timely remedial action

Solution Architecture

Challenge, Innovate and Grow

  • Omni-channel Origination
    • Customer Initiated/ RM Assisted journeys
    • Drop-in drop-off alternating across channels
  • Digital Data Aggregation
    • Interface led data aggregation
    • Structured and unstructured data sources
  • Document Management
    • End-to-end document lifecycle management
    • Customized template generation
    • Zero touch Documentation enabled by digital signatures
  • API-Based Origination
    • Collaborate with Fintechs
    • Scale-up volumes with zero touch processing
  • Auto Adjudication
    • Integrate and fetch risk scores from existing risk models
    • Automated scoring, deviations, affordability computation
    • Real-time Decision Support for assisted underwriting
  • Auditable Conversations
    • Ad-hoc deviation & exception approvals
    • Consultative decision making
    • Single source of referral and decision trails
  • Loan Servicing
    • Multiple repayment modes, including self-service capability
    • Borrower level statement/ payment consolidation
    • Auto adjustment priority rules
  • Exhaustive Loan Parameters
    • Exhaustive loan parameters across life-cycle events
    • Segment/ Borrower specific pricing controls
  • Powerful Product Configuration Engine
    • Ready-to-use out of box Product Templates
    • Reuse templates for faster GTM in hours
  • Loan Restructuring & Modifications
    • Changes in Installment amount or dates
    • Extensions or reductions to tenure
    • Installment deferral
    • Auto reschedule for changes in interest and partial prepayment
    • Index led re-pricing
  • Superior Flexibility in Amortization
    • Custom cash flow schedules
    • Aligned with borrower income cycles
    • Structured/ Unstructured payment patterns
  • Enterprise Limit Monitoring
    • Centralized real-time monitoring across varied lines of business
    • Organization hierarchy with shared exposures
    • Individual & Group limits
    • Secured & Unsecured limits
    • Revolving or Fixed credit
    • Drawing power adjustment etc.
  • Multi-Dimensional Exposure View
    • Exposure capping across multiple dimensions
    • Industry, Currency, Branch, Counterparty, Country, Product type
    • Counter party or Risk party exposure – Dealers, Manufacturers, Supply Chain vendors
  • Multi-Dimensional Exposure View
    • Single view of borrower’s exposure across multiple levels
    • Real-time Exposure tracking at group level
    • Multiple entities, Divisions and their utilized & unutilized facilities
    • Security coverage adequacy across hierarchy
  • Real-time Margining Tracking
    • Collateral drawing limited to a specific entity or shared across entities
    • Collateral sizing and pooling
    • Automated/ Batch based re-evaluation for real time coverage
    • Lifecycle alerts for Documentation, Insurance and Assignments
  • On-time Implementation
    • Pre-configured application
    • High degree of fitment
  • Personalised follow up
    • Impactful collections powered by comprehensive information, enhanced customer experience
  • Comprehensive Business Coverage
    • One system for all credit products
    • Supports conventional and Islamic products
    • Configurable for all unique collection strategies
  • Account Score
    • Intuitive Collection score for segmentation
  • Real-time Performance Analysis
    • Multi-dimensional portfolio reports with drill down function and charts
  • Driving Higher Efficiency
    • Customer-centric strategies
    • Streamlined collection processes
    • Maximize debt recovery at lowered costs

Enhancing Customers’ Credit Experience with iKredit360 SME Marketplace

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Providing a Superlative Credit Experience to your SME Customers


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Providing a Superlative Credit Experience to your SME Customers


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Providing a Superlative Credit Experience to your SME Customers


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Providing a Superlative Credit Experience to your SME Customers


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